Photo: Jan Hromádko-2014
Photo: Jan Hromádko-2014

Independent Film Curator

Script, film funding and festival strategies advisor

After twenty years working for a variety of film-related organizations, I have decided to start working independently, based in Amsterdam and my native Slovakia.

Given current developments in the film industry, I am convinced that filmmakers from Europe as well as worldwide can use personal advice from an experienced expert with my unique background.

In 2015 I founded my company Consultancy & Production Ludmila Cvikova

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Company profile:

Consultancy & Production Ludmila Cvikova (CPLC) is based in Amsterdam with worldwide outreach; it provides creative consultancy in various fields of the film industry: from curating for film institutions and festivals, to creative consultancy for individual filmmakers and their producers, according to their individual needs (script, film funding and film festival strategies).

Festival programming and curating of special programmes

With twenty-plus years of experience it’s still my great pleasure to be actively engaged in this exciting profession.

I help diverse festivals, organizations and institutions with film programming, or on the other hand, I discuss and advise individual filmmakers and producers on strategies for festival and institutional exposure of their films.

You can view my project page for a few examples

Creative Consultancy

With many years experience as a reader for Hubert Bals Fund of IFFR, Doha Film Institute Grants, and more recently the Biennale College Cinema Venice, I continue sharing my know-how with filmmakers by providing individual advice and follow-up discussions about:

  • possible film funding and co-productions
  • script consulting (creative discussions, development)
  • editing consulting (creative advice around the rough cut)
  • festival consulting and strategy (continuously)

Workshops and trainings

Workshops are tailor-made to the individual needs of organizations or individuals. They cover different subjects: changes in the festival world nowadays, film industry and how to find your way, pitching, following your own artistic originality and more.

You can view my project page for a few examples


Making use of my rich, recognized and multi-disciplinary experience, I first discuss with individual filmmakers and producers their needs – just to be able to jointly develop the most suitable approach, and create a development plan together.

The same goes for individual (film) organizations.